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E-Eco-Rent means ecological rental



E-Eco-Rent means ecological rental intended to resolve traffic problems afflicting most urban centres in big cities, sea-resorts, marinas, small islands and all those places where ordinary vehicles are forbidden.The system reduces drastically pollution and noise. The renting system is based on the use of credit cards or dedicated rechargeable cards. The scooter housing box allows fast changing of batteries as well as recharging exhausted batteries and blocking or releasing the scooter. The box which houses two scooters is modular and can be set up in series , operated by a computerized device, which manages the entire process of renting, changing and recharging of batteries. The vehicle is aimed at private persons as well as urban services and business use, i.e. traffic control, taxi, postal service, first aid, maintenance and service cars. The three-wheel scooter , one front wheel housing the electric engine and two back wheels assuring stability, is suitable for a large number of users, even elderly and disabled persons. A transparent, chock-proof canopy protects in cold and rainy weather. There are various versions designed: one-, two- and three-seated vehicles and models adapted to commercial use and taxi, also a two-seated scooter with doors and four-wheel motor-drive. The propulsion system using innovative technology and components is the result of intense research in the field of electric vehicles.The main parts of this system contain one or more motor-drive wheels having inside a brushless engine also with a brake function and at the same time producing electricity. There is also a reversing gear.

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