Inversione di dati acquisiti con RAD

settembre 24, 2015 | By Valerio Marinelli | Physics | Space technology

Seasonal effects on SHARAD data, due to a ~1m CO2 ice slab have been discovered.


Inversione di dati acquisiti con RAD

Radar data acquired by the SHARAD sounder during more than six years above the Mars' South Pole have been analysed. The aim is to verify how the actual Martian seasonal cycle affects the polar soil response to radiofrequency investigations. Through the examination of surface reflected powers $P_s$, sampled on three separated areas of \textsl{Planum Australe}, Sharad signal has given evidence of being affected by both the surface roughness, diminishing the radar sensibility to discriminate the dielectric properties of the surface, as well as being clearly affected by ionospheric attenuation. A statistical analysis on $P_s$ data equally spatiated in time has been taken, then the estimated parameters have been translated into dielectric constant values. This kind of analysis has showed how Sharad returned signal amplitude depends on the deposition/sublimation of a ~1 m $CO_2$ ice slab and by the deposition/removing of dust from these deposits.

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