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Misure di migrazione di inquinanti o

Misure di migrazione di inquinanti o


E.m. waves (TDR) used to follow migration of organic pollutants in an acquifer

Time Domani Reflectometry (TDR) has been used on a simulated acquifer to follow the evolution of the dielectric parameters (permittivity, conductivity) of the soil (glass beads). Through the use of 6 probes at different depths, it has been possible to reconstruct the full dielectric profile between the water saturated and the vadose zone above. Profiles have been taken in several configuration, simulating a seasonal cycle of discharge/recharge of the acquifer. In this way, the paths followed in the gradual migration of an organic pollutant (diesel, DNAPL class) into the porous structure of the simulated soil has been successfully discovered.

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Inversione di dati acquisiti con RAD
Inversione di dati acquisiti con RAD
Seasonal effects on SHARAD data, due to a ~1m CO2 ice slab have been discovered.


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