Practice precautions to minimize exp

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Practice precautions to minimize exp

FOREWORD Behind the gentle image vaguely Renaissance Francesca Pulcini hides a determination with any test and a curiosity in all fields, which explain to a large extent a significant literary activities gained within a few years. Of course, in a Country where a quarter of its population works in secret, but sometimes, alas, publicly to compose verses and poems such a capacity would not news if it were not for the particular non-trivial that Francesca, the humanities, he has devoted much of his books to explore the "aliens" territories dominated Biology, Physics, Environmental Sciences; and above all because its production is a good example of science that does not give the penalty but also knowing how to ask the famous "home of Voghera". Francesca came like a comet in our modest "Cenacolo" of Bioelectromagnetism appreciated by the help of Massimo Sperini, with whom he then married in 2013. Whether it was an electromagnetic environment characterization campaign, a seminar, a conference or a master in which the "Cenacolo" was committed his presence was constant, as long as he does not directly assumed the role of "leading lady." Actually this role he had from before, since he had become general coordinator of Andromeda, the small publisher with which the members of the "Cenacolo", and herself, have published various texts. It would be foolish, rather than unfair, omitting that his path, so much unusual as fast, it was possible to benefit of the experience and talent of Massimo Sperini, for the intelligence alone, albeit lively, would not be enough. The fact is that in addition to the figure of manager noticed a small business you came overlapping that of a careful and creative researcher, not only confined to the issues, although very different and important, the Bioelectromagnetism, but, recovering its humanistic roots, can move from the Pythagorean theory of music and notes as "chopsticks resonant" to attempt a global interpretation of what is meant by "health" was in a perspective of knowledge that reabsorb the useful although specialisms. Francesca arrived in time to follow the last years of laborious and long process that led to the creation of APEC 300, an advanced electronic instrument that can analyze two basic electric skin parameters: the impedance and the level of potential, whose analysis can allow a doctor to reach the formulation of early diagnosis for a wide range of abnormalities of the "correct" physiological behavior even before the emergence of real diseases. An arduous path as the son of a selffunded research, and thus poor, and little availability of time by those who already have other commitments, not just work. But around this realization was formed over time a sort of "community", certainly innovative compared to the "common good" and the mode of interaction among its members; an interesting example of the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary reported by Unesco documents of the "Decade 2005 - 2014" as cornerstones of Education for Sustainable Development. In fact at that location, next to the researchers of the Interuniversity Research Center for Sustainability, CIRPS, or other research institutions, they came together: experienced non-academic; the EUNAM, an International Institute of Naturopathy, with its "students" who have had a very significant part in the execution and collection of measures for the establishment of a data base; the IASS, Italian Association for Sustainability Science, Quantum Academy with his students and, without innovation, the experts of the MCS, the company that APEC 300 factory, who participated with great commitment in all phases of testing and measurements for the improvement of electronic apparatus performance, with a direct interaction with researchers and students. It’s was and is an intertwining of experience, of questions, of interest, of new entry and different languages, aimed at building a common awareness regarding the achievement of objectives that, if at first are certainly purely nature scientific, and realize allude in fact a new way to make and communicate knowledge. As in any community in this matter also, fortunately, the individual aspects, the different cultural backgrounds, different feeling, different intellectual and emotional constellations; and then next to the common good you need the root of a connective tissue which is conducive to relating and understanding among all. Francesca, in a sober and always ready to step back, was and is an irreplaceable builder of the connective tissue. In this book you will find really everything you wanted to know how to defend themselves from electromagnetic pollution, but not quite a view "reductionist" of some of the many committees sprung up in recent decades in Italy to try to impose a control of citizens on decisions that affect them, often shielded from the alleged "neutrality" of the technological character who is behind them. In the book they just provide the knowledge and basic information so that every citizen can express an informed opinion, not bar talk, on the many aspects of the matter, of course, including the monitoring of health concerns. They then pass in review the "fundamentals" of electromagnetic fields and waves emitted by the various electronic devices to connect to the social aspects, particularly to health: the risks of glioma for use of mobile phones to advice for pregnant women, from recommendations pediatricians precautions with household appliances. Particularly worthy of note, because it gives less attention, the lighting theme in the path from incandescent lamps to LED ones; and there are references to the latest telecommunication technologies, the controversy over Wi-Fi, the Dirty Electricity and the Smart Meter. A Primer agile but exhaustive, a stimulating read, subtracted the voices of those who, in every Italian town, claims to have "more dead" of each other and instead geared to that Prudent Avoidance, which is a guideline for those who want to defend really from electromagnetic pollution and, above all, by the "technological neutrality", claim, and abuse, real, who draws profit from electronic telecommunications and endless devices that surround us Roma, October, 2016 Massimo Scalia
Practice precautions to minimize exposure to electromagnetic fields How to protect your family Francesca Pulcini We human beings, we evolved through natural electromagnetic fields: electrical and terrestrial magnetic fields, sunlight, radio emissions of galaxies, rain and lightning, but in the last 50 years with the development of electromagnetic technology, have created the artificial electromagnetic fields up to a million times higher than the natural ones, to which we are still adapting, and we are so immersed that act on us as stressors. It is appropriate to adopt the principle that the Anglo-Saxons call the Prudent Avoidance. The technologies are now part of our daily lives, and none of us can do without: mobile phones, PCs, tablets, internet appliances. The important thing is knowing how to properly use, and to do that it is our right to be informed about the risks associated with their use. It should deal the media, which unfortunately not only do not, but those rare occasions when it is spoken, tend to minimize or deny the existence of dangers to human health. My role as a scientific popularizer, to make correct information. This manual will explain how to defend themselves from electromagnetic pollution in a simple but effective in order to preserve your health and that of your family and continue to use "healthy" so those who have become for us the indispensable travel companions: electromagnetic technologies .

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